How to reach the Software Social audience

Software Social first aired in July 2020 and has published a new episode every Tuesday since. We have 400+ subscribers and receive 1,000+ downloads per episode as of April 2022.

Through your sponsored episode, you'll reach developers and independent internet entrepreneurs of all stages — from just starting out on nights and weekends to founders with multi-millions in ARR.

According to our 2022 Listener Survey, just under 50% of listeners run their own business full time (SaaS, consulting, or info products), and 40% are full-time employees with side projects. 75% of our listeners have an income over $100,000/year. The vast majority are either technical or technically-conversant. Our listeners are 80/20 male:female.

Sponsored Episode: $1,000

Sponsored episodes are ~45 minutes and can take any format, to be decided between you and the hosts: interview with a host, workshopping a problem with the hosts, interviewing a happy customer of yours... we're flexible and want to be creative! Our goal is to create something that builds a relationship between your company and our listeners, as well as creating a marketing asset you can use and repurpose in the future.

Episodes will be published as a "bonus" episode in addition to regular weekly episodes and will be labeled as sponsored in the show notes.

Book a sponsored episode here or email us with any questions.

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