Get in front of our audience with a sponsored episode

If your company markets to developers and founders, sponsoring an episode of Software Social is a way to put your brand in front of them in an organic way.

Sponsored episodes are ~45 minutes and can take any format, to be decided between you and the hosts: interview with a host, workshopping a problem with the hosts, interviewing a happy customer of yours... we're flexible and want to be creative! Our goal is to create something that builds a relationship between your company and our listeners, as well as creating a marketing asset you can use and repurpose in the future. You'll have the opportunity to listent to the episode before it airs and request changes.

Episodes are labeled as sponsored in the show notes with links and copy of your choosing.

Sponsored episodes are $1,000 each. Book a sponsored episode here or email us with any questions.

"Working with Software Social helped us unlock inspiring stories from our ecosystem, distill them, and get them in front of our ideal audience. Colleen and Michele are the rare balance of smart, empathetic interviewers and technical, business savvy founders."

- Najva Sol, Head of Product + Marketing, Calm Company Fund

Calm Company Fund approached Software Social about doing an episode that spoke to developers wanting to go full-time on their side projects. For the episode, Michele interviewed two of their portfolio company founders about how Calm Company Fund helped them transition to full-time. Listen to their sponsored episode here.

Disclosure: Michele is an investor in Calm Company Fund.

About Software Social

Software Social first aired in July 2020 and has published a new episode every Tuesday since. We have 400+ subscribers and receive 1,000+ downloads per episode as of April 2022.

Through your sponsored episode, you'll reach developers and independent internet entrepreneurs of all stages — from just starting out on nights and weekends to founders with multi-millions in ARR.

According to our 2022 Listener Survey, just under 50% of listeners run their own business full time (SaaS, consulting, or info products), and 40% are full-time employees with side projects. 75% of our listeners have an income over $100,000/year. The vast majority are either technical or technically-conversant. Our listeners are 80/20 male:female.

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