Software Social is a weekly 30 minute conversation between two founders: one just starting out, and one established. We—Colleen and Michele—hope you'll join our conversation about what's going on in our businesses.

Nominated for Best Podcast, Best Episode, and Best Hosts in the 2020 SaaS Podcast Awards.

About the hosts

Colleen Schnettler

Colleen is a Ruby on Rails consultant and Founder of Simple File Upload. Simple File Upload is her first SaaS and launched in December 2020. She has spoken at both RailsConf and RubyConf, and loves being part of the developer community. She's a mother and a military spouse and loves chatting about all things software and business. You can reach her on Twitter at @leenyburger.

Michele Hansen

Michele is a co-founder of Geocodio, a geocoding SaaS, which she and her husband started in 2014. It started as a side project and she went full time in 2017. She has spoken at MicroConf, Laracon, Founder Summit, and is a frequent podcast guest. She also wrote a book called Deploy Empathy which teaches people how to interview customers. You can subscribe to her newsletter on customer research here and find her on Twitter at @mjwhansen.

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