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Deploy Empathy Audiobook Podcast Preview

This week's episode is a preview of the Deploy Empathy audiobook private podcast.

To Freemium, or Not to Freemium

Michele's book breaks 500 copies sold and Colleen considers whether to add a free plan.

Taking on Amazon...and winning?

Colleen interviews Nadia Odunayo, the founder of The StoryGraph. Now with over 500,000 users, The StoryGraph is an app that helps you track your reading and choose your next book based on your mood and your favorite topics and themes.

Software Social University?

Where do you send people who want to start an online business but don't know how to code or use no-code tools?

A Tour Through Struggle: Cam Sloan, Founder of Hopscotch Product Tours

Cam's SaaS has been struggling. Michele and Colleen try to help him think things through.

Just Tell People About The Thing You Made

Colleen wants to rebuild her documentation instead of improving it. Michele finally gets going on that podcast book tour that Colleen challenged her to go on.

Everything Is Happening

Colleen finally gets co-founders! Michele's book goes to #1 on Product Hunt! Everything is happening!

Struggle and Sponsors: A Conversation with Adam Hill, Creator of Django Unicorn

Michele talks with Adam Hill, creator of Django Unicorn, about the struggles of launching side projects and his own side project, Django Unicorn.

Decisions, Decisions Part 2: Colleen Takes the Plunge

Follow-up to the Decisions, Decisions episode: Colleen decided to join that exciting new project!

Breaking 200

Michele and Colleen discuss Michele surpassing the 200 mark for books sold and how Colleen is in a bit of a rut on her product.

Decisions, Decisions

Colleen is considering adding a new project and Michele and Colleen talk it through.

It's Happening!

Michele's book finally launches, and Colleen commits to making progress happen.

When Is It Time to Move On?

Colleen makes a big decision and considers another.

Growing an Early Stage SaaS: A Conversation with SavvyCal Founder Derrick Reimer

Colleen asks SavvyCal founder Derrick Reimer for growth advice.

Shutting Down and Opening Up: A Conversation with Marie Poulin, Creator of Notion Mastery

Notion expert Marie Poulin and Michele to talk about the decision to shut down Marie's first SaaS, Doki, running a course business, and what it's like to be a founder with ADHD.

Getting Started with Customer Interviews: A Conversation with Nicole Baldinu, Co-Founder and COO of WebinarNinja

The WebinarNinja co-founder stops by to chat about her recent foray into customer interviews and what it's been like to get started.

Holy Forking Sportsballs

Michele has a wake-up call after running the numbers on her book, and Colleen drops some wisdom from legendary coaches.

Sympathy, Empathy, and Solving Problems

What is exactly is the difference between empathy and sympathy and why should people building products care?

Michele's First Numbers Update

Michele finally opens the pre-sale for her book, and Colleen gets some help.

Marketing an eBook

Sean Fioritto, author of Sketching with CSS, joins to talk Michele through how to market an ebook.

The Real Life Episode

Michele's laptop died and Colleen has churn. It's the real life episode.

Valuable, Usable, Viable, Feasible

Michele talks about applying a product framework to her book, and Colleen passes a milestone.

Real Internet Money

Colleen nears a big milestone, and Michele rethinks a growth tactic that they've outgrown.

No Longer "Bootstrapped"

Michele makes some changes. Colleen, meanwhile, feels like she's building into a void.


A major competitor enters the same space as Colleen's SaaS, and Michele gets new ideas about how to market her book from talking to early readers of her forthcoming book on talking to customers.

Approaching Nebulous Tasks

Colleen and Michele both work through making big tasks less scary.

Doing Different Things, Doing Things Differently

Colleen digs into Michele's feels about writing a book. They also talk about why Michele won't take meetings with potential acquirers.

Good Problems

Colleen leaves her SaaS alone for a few weeks, and Michele talks about being a founder with ADD.

Applying the Five Steps to Finding an Audience

Software Social listener Rossveth Lopez joins the show. Michele and Rossveth workshop her business together, exploring where she decided on an idea and what she's working through.

Customer Interview Part 2: The Debrief

Colleen and Michele talk about last week's customer interview and what Colleen learned from it.

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