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Finding Your Career Niche with Nate Berkopec

Colleen chats with Nate Berkopec, Ruby on Rails performance expert, about mindset and creating your own career path.

Special episode: Two additional ways you can help Ukraine

A quick special episode on two efforts we're involved in to help Ukraine

The Business of This Podcast

Colleen and Michele chat about the business of this podcast.

How to Use Twitter Effectively (feat. Arvid Kahl)

Michele chats with Arvid Kahl about how to grow your Twitter presence.

Workshopping Pay-As-You-Go Failed Payments

Colleen helps Michele work through a challenge with failed payments.

Selling a Business and Scaling Another Amidst Tragedy

A raw conversation between Michele and Jesse Hanley about how he sold his first business and scaled up his SaaS last year all while dealing with the death of his infan...

From Bodybuilder to SaaS Founder

Michele chats with Jesse Hanley, founder of Bento.

Redefining Success with Chris Spagnuolo of Jetboost

Colleen and Michele chat with Chris Spagnuolo of Jetboost.

Learning How to Interview Customers: A Conversation with Jonathan Markwell

Michele chats with Jonathan Markwell, business consultant and host of the new Empathy Deployed podcast.

From Side Project to $6M ARR

Colleen and Michele chat with Nick Zadrozny, Founder and CEO of Bonsai.

It's Been a Year

Michele and Colleen reflect on 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

Enterprise Sales as an Indie SaaS featuring Josh Ho, Founder of ReferralRock

Michele and Colleen chat with Josh Ho, Founder of ReferralRock, about doing enterprise sales as indie founders.

Marketing for SaaS Founders with Corey Haines of Swipe Files

Colleen and Corey talk Swipe Files, marketing for SAAS founders, and shooting your shot.

Using Atomic Habits to Get Through Burnout

Colleen recommended Michele read Atomic Habits, and she finally did. They talk about how it's giving Michele ideas to make 1% improvements in her life to get through b...

Solving Your Spouse's Problem: A Conversation with Jordan O'Connor, Founder of Closet Tools

We talk a lot about solving your own problems as a way to find good business ideas. But solving your spouse's problems can be a good source of ideas, too. That's what ...

So This Is Burnout

Michele's done a lot this year... and is finally feeling burnout. She and Colleen talk it through.

Founder Summit Takeaways

We share our takeaways from Founder Summit.

A Conversation with Kevin Sahin, Co-Founder of ScrapingBee

Michele chats with Kevin Sahin, co-founder of ScrapingBee.

A Conversation with Rosie Sherry

Michele chats with Rosie Sherry, founder of Ministry of Testing, mama bear of indie hackers (used to be upper case, now lower case), creator of Rosieland, and communit...

Getting Meta

In this episode Colleen and Michele look back at their 14 months on podcasting to see how far they've come, and look forward to see where they want to go.

Deploy Empathy Audiobook Podcast Preview

This week's episode is a preview of the Deploy Empathy audiobook private podcast.

To Freemium, or Not to Freemium

Michele's book breaks 500 copies sold and Colleen considers whether to add a free plan.

Taking on Amazon...and winning?

Colleen interviews Nadia Odunayo, the founder of The StoryGraph. Now with over 500,000 users, The StoryGraph is an app that helps you track your reading and choose you...

Software Social University?

Where do you send people who want to start an online business but don't know how to code or use no-code tools?

A Tour Through Struggle: Cam Sloan, Founder of Hopscotch Product Tours

Cam's SaaS has been struggling. Michele and Colleen try to help him think things through.

Just Tell People About The Thing You Made

Colleen wants to rebuild her documentation instead of improving it. Michele finally gets going on that podcast book tour that Colleen challenged her to go on.

Everything Is Happening

Colleen finally gets co-founders! Michele's book goes to #1 on Product Hunt! Everything is happening!

Struggle and Sponsors: A Conversation with Adam Hill, Creator of Django Unicorn

Michele talks with Adam Hill, creator of Django Unicorn, about the struggles of launching side projects and his own side project, Django Unicorn.

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