From Side Project to Full Time with Damon Chen and Michael Rouveure

Michele chats with Damon Chen and Michael Rouveure about how taking funding from Calm Fund allowed them to go from working on their businesses on the side to full-time.
This episode was sponsored by Calm Fund, an ecosystem of founders and funders of profitable, sustainable, calm businesses. Calm Fund invests early in profitable businesses that want to maximize their chances of success and build for the long-term. Calm Fund was founded by an exited indie SaaS founder, Tyler Tringas. Michele Hansen is one of the many indie SaaS founders who are investors/mentors in Calm Fund.

You can learn more about Calm Fund at and apply for funding at, no warm intro needed.

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Michele Hansen
Michele Hansen
Co-Founder of Geocodio & Author of Deploy Empathy
2022, Software Social