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Michele Hansen

Co-Founder of Geocodio & Author of Deploy Empathy

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Colleen is ready to go all-in on Refine... and that means moving on from Simple File Upload.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Talking to other entrepreneurs made Michele realize that she hasn't talked about interplay of qualitative *and* qualitative data enough. Michele and Colleen talk about...


Colleen's company was accepted to TinySeed, which means she now gets to work on Refine full time. That means she can finally make some hard decisions and push. (Note: ...

Getting Into Public Speaking as a Developer

Michele chats with indie developer Benedicte Raae about getting into public speaking through streaming.

Sick Leave for Indie Founders?

Should indie founders take sick leave? Michele and Colleen discuss.

Competitive Advantage and Moats for Small SaaSes, Part 2

Michele continues her chat with Summit founder Matt Wensing about ways indie SaaS founders can think about moats and competitive advantages. This episode: cost advanta...

Talking Competitive Advantage and Moats for Small SaaSes, Part 1

Michele chats with Summit founder Matt Wensing about intangible assets, switching costs, and network effects, and how they apply to indie software companies.

Refine Update with Aaron and Colleen

Aaron Francis, Colleen's co-founder, swings by to chat about Refine.

Super Pumped (aka The Saturday Edition)

Four things Colleen is super pumped about... and one thing she's not.

Sprinting a Marathon

Colleen and Michele both have a lot going on.

Hairy Projects and Heat Waves

Michele's trying to figure out how to approach charging sales taxes, and Colleen finally pushes to prod despite a challenging week.

One Weekly Win

Colleen shares the secret to her recent productivity.

That's the Job

Learning new things, feeling like you're a bit out of your depth, pushing to the next level: that's the job of being an entrepreneur, and Colleen and Michele are both ...

Work vs Life vs Everything Else

Michele and Colleen catch up on Michele's conference talks... and try to figure out how she can get more balance.

Bonus: Pre-Episode Banter for 8/9/22

Folks seem to love our casual banter, so here's what Zoom captured on our backup recording before we started the actual recording for next Tuesday's episode.

Colleen vs the Cliff

It's finally August, and Colleen is coming up on the deadline for Refine to support her working full-time... or is it?

Starting a Business - Even When Your Family Doesn't Want You To

Ever had friends or family question your decision to start a business or discourage you from going full-time? Michele and Lucie Baratte dive into that in part 2 of the...

Vision and Empathy with Lucie Baratte of Logology

Michele chats with Lucie Baratte, co-founder and art director of Logology.

From Side Project to Full Time with Damon Chen and Michael Rouveure

Michele chats with Damon Chen and Michael Rouveure about how taking funding from Calm Fund allowed them to go from working on their businesses on the side to full-time.

When Should You Let People Pay You?

Michele chats with longtime listener Vic Vijayakumar about how to get to the point where he feels comfortable letting people pay for his new shared SMS inbox SaaS, Hey...


How would Michele and Colleen change each others' businesses? Why is Geocodio hiring now? And more on our Q&A episode!

Sales Mode

Colleen shifts into sales mode for Refine.

101 Episodes!

Michele and Colleen reflect on where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

The One Where the WiFi Goes Out

Colleen and Aaron gave their workshop at RailsConf! Well, a version of it.

Betting on Multiple Horses with Dan Rowden and James McKinven

Michele chats with Dan Rowden and James McKinven, hosts of the No More Mondays podcast, about how they each manage a portfolio of indie businesses.

The Water Bowl of Sorrow

Colleen's launch doesn't go quite as hoped.

Be a Champion with Zuzana Kunckova, Founder of Larabelles

Michele chats with Zuzana Kunckova, self-taught developer and founder of Larabelles.

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