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Customer Interview Part 1: The Interview

Michele interviews one of Colleen's customers. Next week, Colleen and Michele will debrief on the interview.

Communication, Empathy, and Flexibility

Michele and Colleen discuss some lessons for bootstrapped entrepreneurs from Morgan Housel's Psychology of Money. Plus, a numbers update on how Colleen's new SaaS is doing.

MicroConf On Air + Software Social Crossove‪r‬

ICYMI: Colleen and Michele talked with Rob Walling of MicroConf On Air on March 3.

To Take Funding, or Not to Take Funding

With the new crop of bootstrapper-focused funds, taking funding is possible for bootstrappers in a way that it just wasn't even a few years ago. Colleen and Michele work through whether it make sense for Colleen to take funding.

Giving Up On An Idea

When should you give up on an idea, and what does "giving up" mean? Michele and Colleen talk about Colleen's ideas that didn't pan out.

Raising a Business

New signups are exciting, but how do you deal with the hurt that comes when one of your few users churn? Colleen and Michele talk about how the things that are hard now will get easier, and how both the good and bad things are opportunities for growth.

First on Google

Colleen's committed herself to doing more marketing -- and it's already paying off.

Getting to 100

Colleen's been working for months to get 100 users of her SaaS so it can be released into the Heroku marketplace. Did she finally do it?!

Prioritizing Features and Yourself: An Conversation with Danielle Simpson, Co-Founder of Feedback Panda

Danielle Simpson, co-founder of Feedback Panda, joins Colleen and Michele for a conversation about Feedback Panda's ingenious prioritization system, the psychological side of selling your company, and figuring out what to do after selling.

What to Work On Next

Colleen gets her first paying customer! But what should she work on next, and which kinds of customers should she focus on?

Wading Through Feature Requests

Once you get your customers to talk to you, how do you sort through that and make sense of it? Colleen and Michele talk about how Jobs to Be Done thinking and tactics can be used at the very beginning to guide the roadmap and later on to guide overall strategy.

Getting People to Reply to Those Critical Early Feedback Emails

Colleen and Michele dissect why people stopped replying to Colleen's welcome emails. Later, Michele dives into Jobs To Be Done.

Competing with Huge Companies as a Bootstrapper

Michele talks about how the entry of a huge company into the geocoding space impacts their business strategy.

Getting Really Excited

Colleen shares the findings from her customer interviews, and Michele talks about how behavioral economics influences how they think about free tier abuse.

When Competitors Are Nipping At Your Heels

Michele reflects on competitor activity, and Colleen takes a moment to enjoy how she's finally launched a product after so time wandering through the proverbial woods.

Workshopping User Onboarding Problems

Colleen has people using her service...but there's a big drop-off, so Michele and Colleen workshop how to fix that. Also, some exciting news: we were nominated for Best Podcast, Best Hosts, and Best Episode in the MicroConf SaaS Podcast Awards! Vote for us: SaaSPodcastAwards.com

Snowballing One Project Into Another

When you're bootstrapping, it can he helpful to snowball one project into another until you find something that works. Today we dive into the nitty gritty of how a mobile app funded Geocodio's launch.

Choosing a Pricing Model

Colleen and Michele workshop what the pricing model should be for Colleen's SaaS.

Raising and Setting Prices

Colleen and Michele talk about how to (and how not to) raise prices -- and think through how to set them in the first place for Colleen's new product.

Who's the villain?

Somehow, despite a tumultuous week, Michele and Colleen still get things done. Michele talks about figuring out business incorporation from abroad, and Colleen talks through finding the "villain."

Founder/Business/Lifecycle Fit (aka "The Feelings Episode")

Michele and Colleen dive into striking a balance between business, founder, and lifestyle fit, and the trade-offs of running your own business versus working for someone else.

Vendor Lock-In, Heroes, and Timezones

Colleen considers the benefits and risks of changing vendors. Michele talks about a struggle they've had in the early days of their transition to being a remote company.

Health Insurance for Bootstrappers

Health insurance is complicated and expensive in the US...especially for bootstrappers. Michele walks through their own experience buying health insurance and gives a guide to the options out there. And Colleen hits her first milestone!

Bootstrapping a Company to 130 Employees

We chat with the humble and impressive Michelle Penczak, CEO of Squared Away.

Documentation as SEO, SEO as Documentation

We continue to chew on this quote from Alex Hillman: "When done well, marketing and teaching are nearly indistinguishable from one another."

Something Boring, Something True, Something Alluring, Something New

Michele talks about the unexciting but necessary parts of running a business, and Colleen experiences one of the most exciting things -- launch!

The Reveal!

We finally get a walkthrough of Colleen's image management service in this special audio-and-video episode.

Negotiations... with Customers and Oneself

Michele talks about how she leveled up her negotiation skills, and Colleen negotiates with herself about what really needs to be ready for her launch.

BONUS: Alex Hillman Joins Our Table

Alex Hillman grabs a chair and joins our table for this special episode. We talk about his new book, The Tiny MBA.

The Drudgery of Launching and the Difficulty of Hiring

Colleen gets closer to launching her image management service, and Michele opens up about their thinking on hiring.

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