What 2023 Brings for Colleen, Michele, and This Show

Colleen and Michele talk about their hopes and plans for 2023, and make an announcement about this show.

Colleen Schnettler 0:00
Welcome back to software social. Last episode, we did a 2020 To recap. So we thought today we would talk a little bit about what's to come in 2023. So welcome, Michelle, back to your own podcast. Hi,

Michele Hansen 0:15
thank you so much for having me here.

Colleen Schnettler 0:17
I don't know why I did that was in a mood? I don't know. So yeah, we are in a brand new year. And let's talk about what we're going to do this year.

Michele Hansen 0:30
Sounds good. Who should start?

Colleen Schnettler 0:39
I feel like I get started.

Michele Hansen 0:40
I Yeah. Okay, I'll start. Okay. So I last time, we talked, I talked a lot about how stressed I've been in, you know, the stress of 2022 language school kind of being in school a lot for the last five years. And so I think something I'm really excited for, is to have creative time on JUCO do, which is something I really haven't felt like I've had for, honestly, a really long time, you know, I think because my schedule has been so compressed, especially the last year and a half, I it's been a lot of just knocking out tasks. And not having time to do anything that requires deep thinking. So God, for me, like two of those things are really like data analysis and marketing work. Like even just like writing a landing page for me, like, it does require an amount of creative energy that when I'm like, Oh, my God, I have to get everything done. Because like, I don't have a normal workday tomorrow. And like, I just have to like blast through my inbox, like, I just can't get into that space, even if I have a couple of hours where I ostensibly don't have something going on. And so I think mean, and quite frankly, with the economy trending as it is, like, I It sounds like a great time to focus more on marketing. So, you know, like, things are still going well, but obviously, you know, certain segments are not going to be doing as well. And so I think it's a good time to double down on that. And also, I mean, I don't I don't know if we've talked about this, but like, given, you know, the, the the crunch on my schedule, and you know, and moving abroad, like I haven't done as much customer interviewing as I have wanted to, like as I as I as I used to, I mean, and it's more so like before, before I started language school, like I was still doing a good amount. Before that, like, I mean, I've I there have been points where I have felt like the world's biggest hypocrite like, because I just like I just did not, I didn't have time to breathe, and like I was barely treading water on the stuff I absolutely had to do to just keep things at a basic functioning level on my on my side, like operationally, and so I have not had that kind of time, like, and so I'm really excited to get back to like, I've probably done like maybe one or two interviews a month, the last Wow. Like, it's, it's been really bad. Not a lot like and I'm not counting like sales calls and stuff like that, which I do learn from but like, I that doesn't make me feel great. And like partly because, you know, like, if you're somebody who is like telling people to do that, then I should be like, doing that, especially since I want to be Yeah. But also it's so motivating and so like grounding for me, and like those times I did get to talk to people were so rejuvenating, like and kind of kind of made all that stress, like melt away and just was like yeah, this is like, this is why we do this, like this is why I am taking like fit what feels like a machete through understanding, you know, Canadian provincial sales tax laws, like and oh my goodness, attempting to sign up with them even though you have to have a Canadian bank to pay them or like they want my Canadian Person ID and I'm like, I'm not a Canadian person. Like, anyway, like, you know, do you like dealing with a lot of that kind of stuff? Like I find that I really need that balance of like, this is how we're helping people and and, you know, and helping people in a quite frankly in a way that other people would find very boring like there aren't a lot of people who probably love listening to people talk about their ETL is like I do but I really love it and I love hearing how we have like eliminated steps in that process for them and like all their issues with like different data vendors like and how we've eliminated that hassle. Like I love that. I could listen to that all day. Oh no, actually, it would be tiring. Don't do more than two interviews in a day. But so I really missed that and I feel like those things are all very related to me like interviewing, marketing And like quantitative data analysis, like those things are very related to me, right? Because the interviews, they helped me make sense of the of the numbers, and then you kind of put those together. And then that's what the marketing copy becomes. And then I know what to go when I go into a trade offs. Like I know what to look for. And I know what's important and what isn't right. But like, without the interviewing, and without the time spent in the spreadsheets, I don't have any of that context. And so it's hard to be like, I can't just be like, sit down and read a landing page for an hour because I don't have any of the, the raw material, right, that gives me something for that. So. So I'm really excited for that, I think for 2023 is, is getting getting back to that and just finding that joy again, in my work. And also having time for side projects. Like I don't know if I've told you about this little little writing project, I've sort of started researching around the history of subscription businesses. Like I was like, kind of talking a lot about the history of the telegraph last summer. I don't know if you remember reading some books about that. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That face is warranted. Yeah. And, yeah, so I've got it's just kind of like, she's been a curiosity that's been floating around in my mind. And so I'm excited to like, have time to be curious about things again. Yeah. Like, whether that's like, during the work day, or at night, like and not, you know, just being so exhausted that I'm like, Oh, my God, like, let's just like watch TV, or I'm just like passing out at 830. Like, you know, just not being exhausted all the time. Like, I'm super pumped for that. And you know, I did a lot of conferences in 2022. And I'm scaling that back. And I'm going to prioritize family travel this year. So awesome. I've only committed to one conference, and going to take the family there. So I'm really, really excited for that. It's an really awesome location. I'm

Colleen Schnettler 7:01
going to tell us, or is it a secret? I, you're not going to

Michele Hansen 7:05
tell it? I don't go with it. Cool yet? Like it's not good. I really want to tell you I just did like, I don't even know if the conference itself has been announced yet.

Colleen Schnettler 7:14
Oh, so it's definitely not Ruby Conference and Diego. Okay. It's just checking.

Michele Hansen 7:17
No, I'm sorry. It's not. It's it's not though, if you do find some, like products conference that wants to have me in San Diego, like,

Colleen Schnettler 7:25
I let you know. Yeah.

Michele Hansen 7:28
Um, I'll make time for that. But no, I've only committed to one I actually turned down one. Because we're going on a family trip at the same time. Okay, good. So I otherwise would have wanted to go to it. But like, I think last year, I was like, really, like, I kind of told her like, hey, I really want to go speak at conferences. And like, then I did that. And that was great. But like, now I'm like, Okay, I did a lot of work, travel and 2022 I want to do more family travel in 2020. I

Colleen Schnettler 7:59
love that idea. That makes sense. It seems like a good priority.

Michele Hansen 8:03
But I kind of just like I need to find joy again, like I need to enjoy not being exhausted. You know, it's kind of putting high expectations on myself here and hoping that I bounce back quickly. But yeah, I think just enjoy not feeling so so bogged down, and getting to getting to have that time to be be curious and learn and try things and, you know, also being able to spend, you know, if I want to go hardcore and like go for hours on something, I can just do that. I don't have to like worry that like, I'm not going to have like work time to do the basic stuff the following day, which has been a really big barrier for me, time and mentally. So just yeah, the I don't know, is there there's probably like a French you know, word for, like Zwaan V or something like the joy of life, right? I need like, the schwa to entrepreneurship sorry, French listeners and the Swan Creek create, I don't know, the joy of like a creation and like, whatever. I'm excited to have that again.

Colleen Schnettler 9:12
I'm excited for you. I think this is a phenomenal goal. I think for you. The challenge is people ask a lot of you. And so I think I asked a

Michele Hansen 9:21
lot of me, which is like so like pass Michelle is a huge jerk to your current Michelle. Like, she's such a jerk. Like

Colleen Schnettler 9:32
I feel like like I can just totally see a situation where you're, you're at a conference or you're excited in your group with a group of really successful people and they're like, You should write another book or you should start you've already told

Michele Hansen 9:43
me that right? Like I just like That's why hellings Like somebody who like just had a baby like so when you having another one. Like people think it's a nice question to ask, but it's not like it is like like this. Yeah. Okay. whole nother topic. Another

Colleen Schnettler 9:57
topic but, but so I think your challenge is going to be Like, let's say your microcosm for the secret conference, whatever conference you go to surrounded by, like successful people, and someone is like, I need to write a book, or you should do a course. Or interview,

Michele Hansen 10:12
I told you I was done with education that includes you

Colleen Schnettler 10:15
know, the teacher. Just say no, just

Michele Hansen 10:19
say no, yes, I'm gonna be like Nancy Reagan. Just saying, I don't, I don't said get the 80s War on Drugs reference. Oh, all right. Through that? Um,

Colleen Schnettler 10:32
yeah, I think this is I'm not saying no

Michele Hansen 10:34
to myself to like, I'm mostly bad at that, like, I am my own worst cheerleader in that, like, I'm like, Oh my God, this would be so great. I should do this. I should do that. And then like, that extra thing actually comes and I'm like, I am exhausted. Why did I commit to all these things? Like, so I need to not over commit to things.

Colleen Schnettler 10:57
It's hard, though. I mean, like you said, and you put so much of the pressure on yourself.

Michele Hansen 11:01
And I'm so excitable, like, I just get excited.

Colleen Schnettler 11:05
I told you, you're gonna be at a conference and you're gonna have all that energy. You're gonna like, this is a great idea.

Michele Hansen 11:11
That's That's why I have to not go to many conferences, because the more I go to the more excited I'm gonna get about stuff. And I need like, instead of excitement, I need like, still in calm. Like, I need to calm I need to calm

Colleen Schnettler 11:25
journaling. How's that journaling? Going? By the way speaking Oh, it's like lasted

Michele Hansen 11:29
like a couple of weeks. And then I forgot about it. And it's the journal is still like, next to my bed. It just hasn't been touched in a while. So. Yeah, so it's conceptual. Like any other ADHD or hobby. I was, like, super pumped about it for three weeks, and then I forgot that it ever existed. So, yeah.

Colleen Schnettler 11:49
Do you meditate?

Michele Hansen 11:50
I still do. Yeah, I've been doing that for years. That's cool. Yeah. Yeah, I don't actually I don't actually like try to do it. It's more like, that's like something I'll do when I'm like, like, I'm really stressed out or I can't sleep or something. Or I just kind of need some like momentary calm as opposed to like, I feel like I have lacked like, overall, calm. Yeah, I like that. It doesn't like being I don't know, like, maybe I like there's probably types of meditation that are meant for that. But the kind I do is like for just chilling out, calming down in the moment. Got it? Got it. Okay, cool. Well, that's how I've used it. I don't know. Okay,

Colleen Schnettler 12:29
I love this for you. I think this is such a good goal. It's kind of nebulous, though. So I think, yeah. How to, I think your travel, like when you think of taking that goal and making it more actionable. I think the travel thing is huge. Because you I think scaling back on conferences is a great idea for this year. Yeah. And not writing another book, let's make a pact that you will not write another book No, like,

Michele Hansen 12:53
this whole, like history of subscription businesses thing, like it's like it's a newsletter, and the other one started out as a newsletter. But like this, I mean, I created that newsletter in like July, and I haven't done anything with it. Like I've read a couple of books. But it's also just like, I also don't know what I'm going to find too. So like, when I wrote deploy empathy, it was very much like, I'm just clearing out the mental closet, like I already knew all of the content, I just had to get it out on paper, and then organize it, which was no small feat, but feels like a very different project than one where I don't even know what I'm going to learn. And so it's more of a like, I'm going to write about this and people can like follow along with me learning about it. But like, I don't know where any of that is going to take me. And I purposefully have like the expectation there is like me having fun on a nerd journey. And good baby. People want to join me on that. But it right, just kind of a something that I find interesting.

Colleen Schnettler 13:50
Cool. And it brings you joy, like you said, it brings energy like you'd like it, it's your creative, finding an outlet, having time for joy. I love it. That is your 2023 That's the theme is joy. I like it. That's a good theme.

Michele Hansen 14:01
I like that. What about you?

Colleen Schnettler 14:04
Okay, so 2023 is going to be a crazy year for me, we have a lot of big life decisions we have to make as a family. So this is not work related, but like big life decisions. And this is kind of the way it is in the military, you spend a year moving somewhere, you get to enjoy that place for a year and then you have to spend another year thinking about what you're going to do next. There's no rest in this lifestyle. So that is going to take up a fair amount of mental space. I think what I'm really excited about though, is I have some big plans for the Hammerstone business some big moves I want to make that are risky and scary and I can't talk about them publicly. But I think I this year 2023 Like this is this is gonna be a business or not like this is the year so I am focused on capitalize Hang on the opportunity I have been given with the tiny seed mentorship and funding. And I'm just going to lean in hard. And like I said, some of the things I'm thinking about doing with the business are put to me, they'll either go either way, like it will either totally work, and it will totally flame out. So I guess I think 2023 is about risk taking. For me, it's about stepping outside my comfort zone, and taking some big risks, both personally and in my business life. And, you know, seeing what happens, executing.

Michele Hansen 15:35
I mean, so I think with, you know, the personal life stuff that you have going on, that's really big and complicated, but can't talk about because government and whatnot, right? And then you also have a lot of this big stuff going on with Hammerstone. And really like pedal to the metal, but also can't talk about it. I feel like we should talk about something that's kind of been an undercurrent for both of us the past couple of months that we sort of started talking about before we got on air today. Yep. That I don't talk about, but yeah,

Colleen Schnettler 16:12
you want me to go?

Michele Hansen 16:14
Yeah, I don't want to say it, I'm gonna, okay, I'm gonna just, I'm gonna with that.

Colleen Schnettler 16:18
So if you are, if you're still here, 17 minutes into this podcast, we appreciate you. But Michelle and I have decided to take a break from the podcast. So that means we won't be airing any new episodes for an period of time that is yet to be determined. And it has been, man, such a joy and such an honor to be a co host of this podcast with my best friend, and share our journeys with you people who listen, and we'd love, just have loved, I would say, building this community with you and getting to know you on the internet. And it has just been so wonderful. Yeah,

Michele Hansen 17:04
close the announcement to people. But I feel like we should talk about it now. Yeah. Okay. So let's, let's talk about it. Yeah. I mean, I mean, I think for you, it makes a lot of sense. Because you finally have this opportunity to really focus on your company. And yeah, and you need to focus. And also, as you said, there's a lot of that stuff that that like you can't talk about, and like and I think this is kind of a theme that comes up on Twitter sometimes, too, is that like people grow out of build in public, and that it only makes sense in certain scenarios. And I think sometimes there's a little bit of a moralism around it, where people think that like building public numbers in public is kind of the best or the most moral, but there's a you know what I mean? Like there's a certain kind of perspective on it. But it doesn't make sense for every business and every context. And it's, I think it's something that it's been a challenge for you is like, it's hard to get on a podcast every week and like, talk about stuff when there's actually a lot of stuff that you can't talk about. Yes. Which was not really the case was simple file upload, it was much simpler. One might say,

Colleen Schnettler 18:15
Yes, it was.

Michele Hansen 18:18
I mean, I've got a lot of like, time pressures to, and if I want to be making more time for both having like exploring and creative time and time to talk to my customers, like, it was a lot easier to talk to you when we just met at a coffee shop. And like we lived a neighborhood over from each other. Like, even when you like, lived on the East Coast, that was easier. But this nine hour time difference is it's really tough. And you know, I only work like, two I work to quote unquote, like long days a week, where my work hours have significant overlap with North America. And I spend a big chunk of one of those days talking to you, which I enjoy, and I make time for it, because I value it. But if this is something that's not, that is a distraction for you. I kind of have to be honest, that it probably is for me as well. And realistically, it's probably better if like, you can call me during your lunch break. And that's like 9pm for me and like I can you know already, like, be in my flannel pajamas with kind of tea and like I don't have to be you know, like, ready to record right. Yeah,

Colleen Schnettler 19:41
I think it's been, you know, I don't know, I don't really, it's been awesome. It you know, and I think a lot of this podcast was the purpose was to bring us together and to continue to bring us together which has been amazing and we kind of accidentally built a community around it. And

Michele Hansen 19:59
it was just gonna be our husbands that with us and like, maybe like one or two of like, like honestly like, like Mike and Benedict, you know exactly who you are. I seriously thought it was just gonna be our husbands and YouTube listening and like that was it. And we would do this for like a month and like, then we would all forget about it.

Colleen Schnettler 20:19
Yeah, it just what this has turned into has been so incredible to me. And it's kind of cool, because if you go, but it's almost like I've completed the hero's journey, my own little hero's journey over the course of this podcast, because when we launched this podcast, like I literally didn't have a single product, if you remember. And it has just been such a great, just an amazing thing. And I have loved the build and public aspect of it. But for me personally, I'm really like I'm getting rid of, I'm really heads down in this next phase, I'm looking to divest, divest. That's a terrible word, but I'm looking to, you know, kind of really be heads down and focused. And a lot of this stuff I'm working on, I can't really, I don't feel as comfortable talking about it publicly. And so for me, it's the appropriate time to take a break with where I am in my career.

Michele Hansen 21:09
Yeah. And, and I guess we should be clear that this is like hiatus. It is indefinite hiatus. But also having a podcast is a really good opportunity to talk to interesting people. And so like, I know, for me personally, like I will probably, like, be publishing stuff in the future. That's that's me talking to other people.

Colleen Schnettler 21:33
Don't take us off your feed. That's what she's saying. Yeah, no, and there will be things just like with cereal, just keep it there. And then two years later, you'll be like, Wow, new episode that

Michele Hansen 21:44
was like five years later that like was isn't it was North maybe even more like six years later, anyway? Yeah.

Colleen Schnettler 21:49
Everyone was so excited. They're like, there's a new episode of cereal. I was like, wait, what?

Michele Hansen 21:53
Adnan was like read. So yeah, like, like, there will still be things coming. And I guess we don't know how long this hiatus will last. Right? Like, right, who knows where your life takes you? Right? Like the US military is in Germany. I mean, I don't think likely, but like, it is a possibility, you know, like, or even like the East Coast like, that might suddenly be so much easier for both of us. Or yeah, you might decide you want to talk to someone interesting. And having a podcast is the perfect excuse to get them to talk to you. Or vice versa. You know, because I really do love talking to people, especially all of the people we've met through this podcast, like it's been it's been my favorite art is the friend catcher aspects of it. You know, to borrow Patrick Mackenzie's term and just that that has been that has been really one of the best parts about it. In addition to it being a forcing function to force me to talk to you every week and not move the calendar invite or, you know, have something else going on. Because I am really bad about prioritizing, you know, me and things in my because we just know life that are good for me like most of my friends, like we communicate by like sending each other memes and reels on Instagram. Like we don't actually talk like you know, like so it's been really good for that everyone out there if you have a friend you don't talk to you very much just start a podcast with them. You'll talk to them all the time. Yeah, it's kind of It feels like I think especially for you it's like you've completed this stage of your journey and now you're really ready to like put the rocket boosters on and the thing is is when a rocket launches you know things those things have to fall off the rocket right you know, oh God, Alaska van he's probably listening and he's like Michelle that's not how rockets work

Colleen Schnettler 24:04
but yes,

Michele Hansen 24:05
yeah. Yeah. So there was so there will be stuff coming it won't be you and me for a while or maybe it will be I don't know like a month from now we might be like we should be cast we like we probably will like

Colleen Schnettler 24:23
no promises either way. We're just gonna

Michele Hansen 24:25
Yeah, yeah, no promises but it's not I mean, you have been on me for a while that I am a drill sergeant about this being released every week which I will say that we released every week, holidays, blizzards, whatever, you know, for

Colleen Schnettler 24:47
two and a half years, two and a half years. That's

Michele Hansen 24:50
100,000 downloads, but some just amazing. When again, we literally thought this was going to be for people listening for a month so that would have Been what? Eight downloads like that? That is 999,992 more downloads than I ever thought we would get. I did that math wrong,

Colleen Schnettler 25:16
but it's fine. You said a bunch of nines and then it was a lot there are a lot

Michele Hansen 25:19
there are a lot of nines this was this is like an uptime quotes. There was a lot of nines. Yeah, I don't I don't I don't really know where this is going.

Colleen Schnettler 25:31
Okay. This is I think we're gonna think we're gonna wrap up this chat.

Michele Hansen 25:38
Yeah, I guess I will say so anyone who has become a supporter we are. We are so grateful for that. We know that you bought your subscriptions to that. So we will be. First of all, I keep turning off that renewal and then also parading them with a refund as well. So we're definitely not going to stiffed you actually

Colleen Schnettler 25:58
want to hit a year. Exactly. Right.

Michele Hansen 26:01
No, because we watch that and like,

Colleen Schnettler 26:03
Oh, that's true. It wasn't it wasn't a calendar year, calendar year. Now anyway, doesn't matter. We'll sort it out. When I think they will. Yeah, I think the important thing to say is, this has been a just such an amazing, spectacular building public journey. I know without this podcast, I don't know, if I would have launched simple file upload. For me, this has been such a great forcing function, I probably wouldn't have written my book. Yeah, I just feel like it has been when you talk about building public like this, to me has just really, really been the wind under our sails to be successful and what we have been doing. But like all good things, you have to know when it is time to move on and do something different. And we just are so incredibly appreciative of the community that has kind of formed around this podcast and everyone who has support. I mean, like as Michelle as well, but like, I can only speak for myself, I can't even tell you the difference, the support, I've gotten online, the early adopters to my product, who found me through the podcast and have stuck with me and supported me like it has just been life changing. I appreciate it so much.

Michele Hansen 27:08
Yeah, I mean, you know, a lot of the people I ended up talking to for my book, like many of them, listen to the podcast. And I don't know that that's been really wonderful this like global community that I think we've gotten to tap into and have our own little corner of it's been it's been really, really wonderful. And we know we will be seeing all of you around. We won't be hanging out with you every week when you walk your dog or do the dishes or take your kids to school or all the other things that you've told us that you do while listening Honestly, I feel sad about this. coming to a close ish, I guess at least of the me and Colleen weekly era. I mean, I know that I mean there's I still have a list of like over a dozen people who I had reached out to to be guests who we haven't even booked so there's there's there's still space for that it's not going away, but this format is going on hiatus. Should we do Should we do one read together of all the supporters before we cancel and prorate refund? Everybody?

Colleen Schnettler 28:35
Hold on? Again. Let's pull that

Michele Hansen 28:37
up. And I guess this is a good a good time to also to say thanks to Corey, who has been doing the editing for a while now. He is the reason why nobody has complained about audio quality in a really long time. Like at the beginning. Colleen was our first editor and when How long did each episode take you? Like

Colleen Schnettler 28:59
oh my gosh, hours. I didn't know what I was doing. That was like before I use the script. So I was using Final Cut Pro. It was a whole lot of mess.

Michele Hansen 29:09
So thanks to Corey and also to Megan, who has been making sure that it gets up on transistor and that there's a transcript and everything else. I mean, your sister Caitlin was helping us out for a while. Yeah, this is this has been a group efforts. I mean, it really wouldn't have gotten anywhere without all of the early support that we had. I mean, it seriously would have never even happened without that tweet from Benedict. So alright, well I guess we don't need to read the intro where we ask people to become a supporter. But we can say the part where we say huge thanks to all of our listeners who become software socialites and support our show. Period. Do you want to just read it together?

Colleen Schnettler 29:50
Like like in unison kind of

Michele Hansen 29:53
I guess. Okay, let's like so. Okay. So the first Okay, so Chris is from chipper from chipper. Thank you The daringly handsome Kevin Griffin, who makes us last laugh every time we have to read this.

Colleen Schnettler 30:05
And from Why don't we do back and forth that gets better. Mike from gently used domains who has a nice personality. Dave from rekod max of online or not, Stephen from talk to Stephen. Brendan Andrade of bright bits team tuple. Alex Hillman from the tiny MBA,

Michele Hansen 30:27
by the way, thanks to Alex for being our I think he was our first guest. He was republished that episode to their podcast feed, which I think was hugely helpful to us. Like that was that was that was massive. A lot of people found out about us through that episode. So thank you to Alex

Colleen Schnettler 30:50
Remy from hover code and rocket gems, chain and Benedict from user list.

Michele Hansen 30:54
That is the Benedict I'm talking about who sent out a tweet of being like, I love all these founder podcasts. But why aren't there any being hosted by women? That would be great. And we were like, Hey, we've joked about starting a podcast haha. And then people were like, No, you should do it. And we were like, Oh,

Colleen Schnettler 31:11
okay. We should. Thank you. Kendall, Morgan. RUBIN gammas have signed Well, Cory Haynes of swipe Well,

Michele Hansen 31:20
oh, you're still in his marketing thing, right? I am. Yeah, his Okay. Exciting. I'm sure we'll hear hearing more about that in the future in some form. Mike Wade of crowd sentry Nate Ritter room steals and amassed of subscribe sense. Thank you for coming on and being a guest at one

Colleen Schnettler 31:38
point. Yeah. Jeff Roberts from out Seta Justin Jackson

Michele Hansen 31:43
of mega maker thank you for making transistor which has been our hosting

Colleen Schnettler 31:48
Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis from Fathom analytics.

Michele Hansen 31:51
Matthew from appointment reminder.

Colleen Schnettler 31:53
Andrew Culver bullet train.

Michele Hansen 31:54
John Koster.

Colleen Schnettler 31:56
Alex Of course. Oh systems.

Michele Hansen 31:58
Richard from stunning.

Colleen Schnettler 31:59
Josh, the annoyingly pragmatic founder,

Michele Hansen 32:02
Josh is not annoying like I really I

Colleen Schnettler 32:05
and Josh is one of my go to guys when I'm stuck on something like okay, Ben from content kit. John from credo and editor ninja cam Sloane. Also

Michele Hansen 32:15
thank you for being a guest cam.

Colleen Schnettler 32:18
Michael Cooper of new see proposals, Michael, we still don't know how to say your name we

Michele Hansen 32:21
still don't know and he still never allowed us to. I think he is really amused by us mispronouncing it every week. So that's great. Chris from URL blocks. Kaylee of testlet Greg Park from trait lab,

Colleen Schnettler 32:33
Adam from Rails autoscale Lena and Alex from recap, see? Joe mez allottee of rails devs.com

Michele Hansen 32:41
proud mama from AbleNet LLC, Anna from cradle who has been one of our such a cheerleader for us this entire time, especially as it came to this even like creating this sponsor thing. It was actually Anna Wilder who asked if we had a Patreon and I said no. And she was uh, I went back and forth with her on that and she was really helpful Monza from Ruby on Mac, Steve of be inclusive, Simon Bennett of SNAP shooter backups.

Colleen Schnettler 33:15
Josh Smith of key hero.io

Michele Hansen 33:17
Yes for questions in a form back end,

Colleen Schnettler 33:20
Matthew of Work Cited.

Michele Hansen 33:22
Chris of jet boost.io

Colleen Schnettler 33:24
Darrell Shannon of doke. ematic

Michele Hansen 33:27
Laravel is a community for Laravel developers underrepresented due to their gender. Also, thanks for being on the show. Brendan from feeder loop, Pascal from sharpened up page. Lin Romic, from konbini. Arvind Cole, who also deserves some thanks for all of his help for writing my book and also for being guests on here.

Colleen Schnettler 33:50
James sours from castaway.fm Jessica Melnik, Damian, more of audio audit podcast checker Eldon from nodal studios, Mitchell Davis from recruit kit.

Michele Hansen 34:03
So I feel like every time I like stop to like, say something like my brain is like, kind of like, short circuiting a little bit, and I get a little bit sad. Think about all these connections with people. So if I didn't say anything after I read your name, it was because I was still like, kind of choked up from the previous one. And yeah, if we had practiced this, that would have gotten better, but

Colleen Schnettler 34:26
you should have practiced it.

Michele Hansen 34:29
Yeah, already. Well,

Colleen Schnettler 34:32
we love you all, and we appreciate you. Even if Michelle didn't say something nice. She meant to.

Michele Hansen 34:39
Yeah, well, is this is this the point where we say good night and good luck.

Colleen Schnettler 34:43
Good night and good luck. It is. Bye. See ya.

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